Good Day, Bad Day 6/3: Principal Suspended for Prank & Bridal Party Plunges


It was a bad day for Glenn Blidsten, principal of Baraboo High School in Wisconsin. He was suspended for two days without pay after allowing senior class members to pull their annual prank. Eight students asked for permission to get into the school the night of May 21 to rearrange some desks in a classroom, which Blidsten allowed. But 68 students showed up and ended up staying in the building until 11 p.m. and creating a big mess. The students will be able to graduate.

It was a bad moment on an otherwise good day for a bridal party in Crosslake, Minnesota. While the party members posed for pictures, the small dock they were standing in collapsed and caused most of ended up in the water. No one was hurt and the ceremony went on.

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