Summer shoes: The good, the bad and the blistery

The good, the bad and the blistery

The good, the bad and the blistery of summer shoes.

Podiatrist Pearce Sloan from UR Medicine Podiatry joined us on Good Day Rochester with some advice on what shoes are best to wear in the summer.

He says that people should keep their foot health in mind when choosing shoes as some can cause foot pain, bad posture or even bigger problems in the long term.

Sloan's tips can be seen below and in the video.

Bad summer shoe choices: Flip-flops and high heels


• Lack of foot support causes arch and heel pain

• Can cause blisters between toes, inviting infection

• Open design leaves your feet unprotected and vulnerable to injury

High heels:

• Significant source of foot pain for women

• Raising the back of the foot puts pressure on the ball of the foot, causing numbness or pain

• Can cause calluses, and aggravate bunions and hammer toes

• Can cause pinched nerves in the foot

• Wearing high heels consistently can cause long-term problems, especially the shortening of the Achilles tendon

• Throws off your posture. The lower extremity is like a chain - if one link goes off in the chain it can affect multiple levels throughout the body – from your shoulders and back, all the way down to your feet.

Smart summer shoe choices:

• Find sandals that offer arch support and a bit more foot coverage

• Choose heels that are a bit lower (under 2 inches) and a heel with more bulk, rather than stiletto-type shoes.

• Consider going up a half-size when buying high heels to reduce the pressure on the front of the foot.

• You may get benefit from inserts/pads that cushion the ball of the foot.

• Look for a high heel that has a wider toe box so you’re not squeezing all your toes into a point.

• If you want to wear very high heels, alternate your shoe choices day to day to give your feet and legs a break.

• If you must wear “killer shoes” for a special occasion, limit the amount of time you’re in them. Keep a pair of more comfortable shoes with you if you need a break or want to hit the dance floor for hours.

• If you want to wear sandals or open-backed shoes, say on a vacation, don’t try wearing them for long distance walking on the beach or boardwalk. Take a pair of good walking shoes for these outings.

• Don’t think of foot pain as your “normal” – if altering your footwear doesn’t help, consider medical advice. Bunions, hammer toes, corns, calluses, arch and heel pain – these are some chronic foot issues that podiatrists treat to keep your feet healthy and happy.

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