Irondequoit Bay rising, homeowners bracing for flooding

Irondequoit Bay is higher than usual and expected to rise another foot by mid-May. Homeowners are preparing for flooding with sandbags.

Homeowners on Lake Ontario and the Irondequoit Bay are bracing for flooding as water levels continue to rise. The bay is a foot and a half higher than usual and expected to rise another 12 inches by mid-May.

Now, the town of Irondequoit is urging people to use sandbags as they reach out to the state for additional resources.

At Patti Brody's home, the back yard is a swimming pool and docks are under water.

"A lot of people on Irondequoit Bay and Lake Ontario are in big trouble," Brody told 13WHAM News.

She is now taking steps to protect her home, including stacking sandbag after sandbag around her home's foundation to protect it from flood water.

"This is the highest we have ever seen it and it is scary," Brody said. "It is not easy to see all this water coming up on the land."

She said since getting sandbags from the town, the level of the bay has risen an additional five to six inches.

"It is still coming! They are telling us there is another foot of water to rise in the next month," Brody added.

Irondequoit Town Supervisor Dave Seeley said there is no reason not to be prepared.

"We have made a formal request to the state for additional sandbags and mechanisms to help fill them up," Seeley said.

He said new regulations put in effect last year limit the amount of water that flows from Lake Ontario into Canada.

"It is to the point now where it is high and almost going above the break wall. Another foot would be significant concern for homeowners," Seeley continued.

His hope is that the federal government will step up and help those effected by their legislation.

"It is something we are going to have to account for in the future and something homeowners are bracing for."

"That is a federal government problem and they are going to have to deal with it," Brody shared. "There are a lot of angry people on the water."

Dave Seeley said if you need sandbags, you can call the highway department. The bags are available for pickup at the operations center on Ridge Road.

Wayne County issued a state of emergency notice that takes effect Thursday for all bays and harbors in the county due to high water levels.

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