Blood spatter analysis links Laura Rideout, Colin Rideout to murder scene

Paul Kish, the analyst, said two of the four defendants - Laura and Colin Rideout - were in close proximity to Craig Rideout based on his analysis. Spatters were found on a pair of jeans (WHAM photo)

Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) - The prosecution says they have now linked Laura Rideout and Colin Rideout to the scene of Craig Rideout's murder.

A blood spatter analyst, Paul Kish, took the stand Friday and testified that a pair of blood-soaked jeans with the DNA of Colin Rideout had patterns indicating it was at the scene of the murder.

Kish also testified a pair of bloody boxers were also being worn when Craig Rideout was brutally beaten. The DNA on those also matched Colin Rideout.

Another pair of bloody jeans were also analyzed for blood spatter by Kish and were determined to be at the murder scene. The DNA on that particular pair of jeans matched Rideout's estranged wife, Laura Rideout.

The prosecutor, Timothy Prosperi, said this evidence, in addition to DNA and the mountain of bloody clothing matching all defendants, sealed their case.

"You always hope the jury can use the evidence presented and put together the full picture and make their decisions based on that," Prosperi said.

The defense team, however, says they have serious hesitations about the spatter analysis and its results.

Paul Tucci's lawyer, Michael Schiano say it's an opinion, not fact.

"It's not a science - it is an opinion based on him looking at evidence some three weeks after the police closed the house down," Schiano said.

The prosecution will be calling a surprise witness to the stand up Monday morning.

Both the prosecution and defense are expected to rest Monday, and closing arguments could come as early as Monday afternoon.

13WHAM News will be in the courtroom for closing arguments with cameras rolling.

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