Homemade garrote found in Rideout's basement, court papers say

Paul Tucci sits in court Monday afternoon (Photo: D&C pool camera)

Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) - Four suspects in a Penfield man's death - a mother, her two sons, and the mother's boyfriend - will be back in court Monday morning for a hearing.

Laura, Colin and Alex Rideout, and Paul Tucci are charged with murder and evidence tampering in the death of Craig Rideout, 50, last summer.

During the hearing Monday, defense attorneys requested that media outlets should not have access to motion papers, saying they would taint the jury pool for the trial in the case. Judge Moran dismissed the idea, ruling that the paperwork would be left open and unsealed.

The body of Craig Rideout was found wrapped in a tarp and tied with bungee cords last July in a wooded area of Jerusalem, Yates County. Some sort of acid or corrosive material was poured over his face to disfigure him and/or prevent him from being identified.

Court papers indicate he was strangled in the basement of his Penfield home by a cord wrapped completely around his neck.

The same paracord material used to make a "homemade garrotte" found in Craig's basement was also found in Alex's bedroom, the paperwork says.

A pair of sweatpants, the inside of a shoe, and the inside of a glove all found at the crime scene had blood stains that matched Craig Rideout's DNA, according to court papers.

When police searched Craig Rideout's home on July 21, they found several more items of clothing and a rope with handles that had blood on them. Court papers also show investigators found blood on plastic totes and wooden shelving units in the basement.

Fewer than eight hours before the discovery of Craig Rideout's body, security cameras caught Laura Rideout and Tucci entering the Walmart on Hudson Avenue. Electronic receipts show they purchased a 24 foot tarp, bungee cords, bug repellent, and a Diet Coke.

In September, investigators said they received a court order from a judge, ordering Laura Rideout to provide a DNA sample to see if it matched the Diet Coke bottle found in the basement of Craig Rideout's residence.

Colin and Alexander Rideout are accused of trying to dump a bag with gloves and drain cleaner in Mendon Ponds Park.

Court paperwork suggests that Colin Rideout voluntarily spoke to police the day his father's body was found in Yates County - both over the phone and at the Tucci home.

On July 21, a Monroe County Sheriff's deputy responded to the Devil's Bathtub in Mendon Ponds Park after a 911 call from a concerned citizen. When he arrived, the deputy said she saw a man, later identified as Alex Rideout, sutting in the front of the car in the passenger seat with his head in his hands, paperwork says.

When the deputy approached the car and asked Alex his name and address, he responded by asking "if it was illegal to sit in a car while it was running."

Colin later joined his brother at the car, at which time he told police that "he helped his mother clean up blood in the basement of [Craig Rideout's home] and that his mother told him and his brother to get rid of the bags." The bags contained acid, bloody clothing, and empty cleaning bottles, according to court papers.

Once additional investigators from the Monroe County Sheriff's Office arrived on scene, they pulled garbage bags from the pond containing bottles of drain cleaner. After obtaining a warrant for the car, officesr found more "garbage bags, blood stained work gloves, pants with blood, a wallet containing the victim's personal information, a house key which opened the victim's door, and a car key which operated the victim's van," court papers say.

13WHAM News will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.

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