Two local business owners concerned about bike sharing station location for Park Ave Fest

Two local business owners say the bike sharing station is right where their tents go for Park Ave Fest. (WHAM Photo)

Rochester, N.Y. - Bike sharing in Rochester is proving to be successful, with more than 1,000 rides logged in the first week. However, two businesses on Park Avenue tell 13WHAM News the location of one station could have a major impact on their revenue.

The owners of Wildside Exotic Piercing and Krudco Skateboarding Shop say it's not so much the day-to-day location, but it's right where their tents go for the Park Ave Festival.

"Sometimes people don't even know we're located here, so now if I have my tent down the street and my business up here, there's a bit of a disconnect," says Paul Ruffo, the owner of Krudco Skateboarding Shop.

For both stores, the Park Ave Fest is the biggest revenue-generating weekend.

"It can be a couple thousand dollars or more," says Wildside Exotic Piercing owner Noreen Henning.

Henning and Ruffo both say they were given no notice the bike sharing station was going in.

According to the company that owns the bikes, Zagster, they held an open house with the city asking the public where they would like to see the stations.

Both business owners claim they did not know about the meeting.

"I think it's a great idea, I just wish they would have let us know about it," Henning stated. "And they could have just put it down here a little farther."

"We'll make it work either way, but it's a big inconvience," added Ruffo,

Both business owners say Park Ave Fest has offered them other locations for their tents.

Henning says she is planning on putting her tent in the street because she doesn't have anyone to work in the store during the festival.

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