'Avocado hand' injuries on the rise globally

People are hurting themselves because they don't know how to properly cut avocados. (MGN Online)

If you thought Chipotle jacking up the price of its guacamole was the worst avocado-related news -- guess again.

Apparently, accidental hand injuries caused by improperly cutting the oblong fruit are on the rise around the world. The Internet this week finally took notice.

The Times of London reports an association of plastic surgeons is demanding safety labels be affixed to avocados, "to staunch the flow of injured patients to hospitals. Many cases involve serious nerve and tendon injuries, requiring intricate surgery — and even then some patients never recover the full use of the hand."

There are no hard numbers for avocado-related hospitalizations, although a doctor interviewed by The Times said he sees at least four patients a week for "avocado hand."

More than 300 people in New Zealand sued for damaged related to their improper cutting form.

In May, The New York Times ran a commentary on how to cut avocados after the wife of the author's colleague suffered a cut so deep, she required emergency room treatment.

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