Big Mac-eating record-holder reviews new McDonald's sandwich sizes

When McDonald's revamped its Big Mac Menu, they knew who they had to call.

Donald Gorske of Fond du Lac has consumed 29,110 Big Macs, undoubtedly a big fan of the 560-calorie sandwich.

"I started eating Big Macs on May 17, 1972 and I've eaten them every day since. I've only missed eight days," Gorske said.

He says he is pretty excited for this day because McDonald's restaurant is unveiling two more versions of his favorite sandwich: a Grand Mac and a Jr. Mac.

Gorske says he's kept every Big Mac container that he's purchased.

He has a display showing the packaging changes, about 50 in all. He still has record books where he kept track of how many Big Macs he's eaten.

"At first I was only going to count them until I went to Vietnam because I figured I'd get drafted but that never happened and the way things happened, I just kept counting, and kept eating them," he explained.

At the restaurant on Military, Gorske has a booth dedicated to him where he took his first bite of a Grand Mac and gave his review.

"It's really good," Gorske said.

He says it takes him about 16 bites to finish a sandwich and in all these years, he's never gotten tired of the taste.

"They're my favorite food and I never want them to not make them," he said. "Yeah, they're very important to me."

He says he orders six Big Macs on Monday and on Thursday, he comes back and orders eight more. That gives him a total of 14 for the week, with him eating two a day.

Even though he enjoyed his Grand Mac, Gorske said he will continue to order the traditional Big Mac.

Here's more food for thought: Gorske expects to eat his 30,000th Big Mac in May of 2018, which will also mark the 50-year anniversary of the hamburger.

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