This year's Fairport Red Raiders playing their way into the record books


Fairport head coach scott fitch has seen a lot of Red Raider basketball.

His father, former Fairport head coach Jeff Fitch, has seen even more. And he knows a good Red Raider team when he sees one.

"They hit the open man, the open guy gets to shoot it, every body knows their role, and everybody knows what to do to make the team better," Fitch, who coached the team from 1968-2001 explained.

Sounds about right.

"They really play for each other," current coach Scott Fitch said. "You hear that a lot of times. You hear coaches say that, but it's really hard to do."

It's funny, then, that they make it look so easy.

Example A: Saturday's 31 point win in the far west regional over Niagara Falls

"I just had a lot of people tell us they saw us for the first time against Niagara Falls, and they were so impressed by how well we moved the ball and what our chemistry looks like," Fitch said.

You really do have to watch the Red Raiders play to know how good they are. Because if you look at them coming off of the bus?

"I've been playing with these guys since AAU...people look at us in layup lines like "how'd this team make it this far?" recalled senior point guard Dan Masino

"People weren't intimdated when i got off the bus either," Fitch said while laughing.

Fitch of course is the all-time leading scorer in Geneseo men's basketball history.

On Saturday, his point guard Dan Masino became the leading scorer in Fairport basketball history.

"I knew there were some amazing players that came before me like Kyle Downey and people like that," Masino said. "It was crazy to think I was closing in on it, and to do it was great. It's really because of my teammates for putting me in a position to score."

And there's that word again. Teammate. It's that line of thinking that has Fairport two wins from the program's first state basketball title. So why stop thinking it now?

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