How to help your elder loved ones combat loneliness, helplessness


    Aging is often viewed as a period of decline, but it is important to remind seniors they can continue to grow regardless of their age or challenges they face.

    Happier at Home is a solution for seniors who are in need of support, but are not ready to live with their relatives or in an institutional setting.

    One-on-one care is available seven days a week and can range anywhere from a few hours a day to 24-hour assistance.

    Happier at Home suggests clients write in a memory journal to reminisce about major events in their lives and interesting stories they may have.

    This helps seniors with their identity and shows them that they are not a shell of a person; they contribute to the lives of others.

    Happier at Home CEO Deb Bernacki spoke with us about helping elder loved ones on Good Day Rochester this morning.

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