Turn your attention to the new ambassador for autism

    Dalton Letta, 22, is Someone You Should Know

    Dalton Letta is already making changes in his community .

    Letta, 22, is living with autism spectrum disorder and is determined to help others living with it as well.

    After he gave a commencement speech at his graduation from the B.E.L.L. program at Roberts Wesleyan College, Letta received compliments regarding how eloquently he spoke.

    One person remarked that Letta articulated his thoughts so well he should become an "ambassador for autism," so that is what he did.

    Letta wants to live in a community where people with and without autism can support each other and learn from each other.

    To accomplish this, Letta has set goals for himself including: creating a center for learning about autism and the available services, creating community education forums focused on autism, and creating volunteer opportunities for people with autism to assist local seniors.

    Letta joined us on Good Day Rochester to share more of what he hopes to see change in his community.

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