Locally made product encourages wellness, positivity

Karma Wellness Water contains vitamins that won't deteriorate as you drink it. The product is made right here in Rochester.

Rochester, N.Y. -- A product made right here in our area is encouraging people to 'push for better.'

Karma Wellness Water comes in several flavors, each with different uses, including Tropical Burst (natural lift), Passionfruit Green Tea (mood elevation), Raspberry Guava Jackfruit (fitness accelerator), Pineapple Coconut (healthy hydration), A├žai Pomegranate (immunity booster) and Orange Mango (sharper thinking).

Each bottle includes a cap that contains the vitamins. When you're ready to drink, you peel the label, push, shake and enjoy.

Ashley Doerzbacher took us to the place where the the caps are made, and then to the center where they're bottled, this morning on Good Day Rochester.

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