Judge orders Astacio back to jail over alleged refusal to wear ankle monitor

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Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) - An eighth allegation of a probation violation has landed Judge Leticia Astacio back in jail Thursday.

Court paperwork shows the embattled Rochester City Court judge is accused of refusing to put her SCRAM device back on after being released from custody Monday afternoon, saying she would not pay for it. The SCRAM device, commonly referred to as an ankle monitor, monitors Astacio's blood alcohol content level. It is a required condition of her probation.

Astacio arrived at 4:15 p.m. for a 4 p.m. court hearing Thursday. She entered the courtroom alone, saying she had only learned of the hearing one hour prior. Her previous attorney, Gregory Salmon, was granted a request to be removed as her counsel Wednesday.

Judge Stephen Aronson ordered Astacio be remanded to jail without bail due to the alleged violation.

Images from 13WHAM News cameras show Astacio was not wearing her monitor when she walked out of the Hall of Justice in Rochester Friday afternoon.

The two-page document obtained Thursday morning lists eight total allegations of probation violations by Astacio over the course of three and a half months.

A motion filed by Astacio's attorney contends that Astacio should not be on probation at all due to a legal technicality with her probation status.

Gregory Salmon, the defense attorney for Judge Leticia Astacio, will no longer be representing her in court. An order signed Wednesday approved Salmon's request to be removed from Astacio's case, according to Ontario County Assistant District Attorney Zach Maurer.

Judge Stephen Aronson is scheduled to receive arguments from the prosecution and defense on the matter on November 20. He will then review the arguments before issuing a decision on December 1.

Astacio continues to receive her $174,000 salary as an elected judge. The New York State Judicial Commission met last month, but has not issued any indication as to whether or not they discussed Astacio's standing on the bench.

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