Cross placed atop St. Pius X in Chili, nearly 3 years after fire

A brand new cross now sits atop the St. Pius X Church in Chili. (WHAM photo)

Chili, N.Y. (WHAM) - A brand new cross now sits atop the St. Pius X Church in Chili.

The original church building was destroyed in a fire on January 1, 2015.

After years of fundraising to have the building rebuilt, the parish was able to have its cross installed Friday afternoon. More than 500 people showed up to watch the installation.

Kozel Steel donated manpower and resources to help install the cross, which saved the parish close to $10,000 in additional expenses.

Advanced Fiberglass Products, the company that manufactured the cross, suffered a significant setback in the production process because of Hurricane Harvey.

"The cross was made in Houston, by a company that suffered tremendously during Hurricane Harvey," said Tom Bowers, a member of the church rebuild committee. "The mold that they created to build this particular cross was set back many weeks because of the flooding that took place there, but they personally delivered this to us a couple weeks ago just because they wanted to make sure it got up here before Christmas."

The cross, which is more than 15 feet tall and weighs 670 lbs., now sits 65 feet above the ground.

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