From arrest to removal: The Leticia Astacio timeline

Judge Leticia Astacio addresses the media in this 2017 photo. (WHAM photo)

ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- It was a Saturday morning in February of 2016 when Judge Leticia Astacio was found on the side of 490 with two flat tires. She was arrested for DWI.

In August, following a one-day bench trial, she was convicted. Astacio was given a sentence of a one-year conditional discharge. The conditions included no drinking and an interlock device on her car.

By October, she faced allegations that she violated probation. In November, Astacio admitted to drinking alcohol and trying to start her car.

In January of 2017 there were new allegations of an intoxicated Astacio and a confrontation with mall security in Henrietta. Astacio denied drinking and the judge ruled in her favor in that incident.

In May, an arrest warrant was issued after Astacio failed to show for a court appearance. Her attorney told the court she was in Thailand. She eventually returned from her trip to live in the mountains with monks and was thrown in jail.

“In the most respectful possible way, I'm jailed. The court can't punish me any more than it has. My reputation cannot be any more tarnished than it has been,” Astacio told the judge after being jailed.

"Nowhere in your presentation did I hear one word or remorse or contrition of the acts that you were found guilty of,” Judge Aronson responded.

Astacio would spend 60 days in jail. In July of 2017 she was released.

"I am not relieved because it isn’t over. It's never over,” Astacio said outside of court.

The next month, new allegations of probation violations surfaced. Astacio would be sent to jail twice. The first time was for leaving the county to go to Del Lago Casino; the second was for refusing to wear the alcohol monitoring device. She once again addressed media after her release.

"There's plenty of stuff that I would love to be in the news for that I did that I think was news worthy and never made it. It sucks to be famous for this,” said Astacio.

By October 2017, Astacio had lost her appeal of her DWI conviction.

Then in early April of 2018 came new charges. Astacio was accused of trying to buy a shotgun at local sporting goods stores, which would be another violation of her probation. The charge led the Court of Appeals to suspend Astacio with pay.

Just weeks later the New York State Judicial Conduct Commission announced the end of its investigation – recommending Astacio be removed from the bench. She is given 30 days to appeal the decision to the Court of Appeals. She remains suspended with pay unless the Court of Appeals changes that status during the appeal process. If Astacio accepts her removal from the bench her pay will immediately end.

The commission did not consider her most recent arrest and alleged violation involving the attempted purchase of a gun. That case continues with her next hearing scheduled for May.

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