Canadian Police: Mendon man shot fellow hunter in Quebec

(Courtesy: Le Journal de Montreal – David Prince)

Bearn, Quebec (WHAM) - A man from Mendon has been charged with manslaughter and other crimes for allegedly shooting and killing a man with whom he was hunting in Quebec.

According to provincial police, 50-year-old John Tompkins was hunting over the weekend in Bearn, a municipality in northwestern Quebec. Todd Herrington, 54, was with Tompkins at the time. Police said they were together in a hunting group.

Herrington was shot dead by Tompkins, but police say the exact circumstances surrounding Herrington's death remain unclear.

Law enforcement in Quebec was notified around 1:30 a.m. Saturday that a hunter had been injured by a bullet. When they arrived, Herrington was found dead.

Tompkins was charged with manslaughter, criminal negligence causing death and negligent use of a firearm and released on $25,000 bail with several conditions.

Tompkins is due back in court in Quebec on August 27.

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