Neighbors dread more Lake Ontario shore flooding

Mold from lake shore flooding covers the walls of a home along Edgemere Drive.

(WHAM) - Areas already hardest hit by flooding along Lake Ontario are again gearing up. A Lake Shore Flood Warning will remain in effect from 8AM Saturday until 8AM Sunday.

For Russell Kruspe, it has been a devastating year. By far, he says, the worst he recalls in his 15 years living on Edgemere Drive.

First, a tree demolished part of his home in the windstorm. Then, Lake Ontario took over and spilled over, into his home, time and time again.

Construction cannot be completed yet on his house because of the wet ground. To make matters worse, thick, black mold is creeping up his walls.

"It's a waste of a year of your life going through this, but what can you do?" Kruspe said.

He is keeping his sandbags up and covering them in plastic to ensure they don't deteriorate anymore.

"It's like you are a slave to what is going to happen next and you are afraid to take anything down because as soon as you do, it is going to come," Kruspe added.

Victoria Visiko has had three levels of pumps at her home for five months and knows there is no end in sight.

"We are one storm away from devastation," Visiko said. "We are not over, this is not over, the storms will only get worse in the fall. All the along the shoreline, we are devastated and there are people just a couple houses down who have lost everything, everything."

However, these neighbors are resilient and weather the storms together, always lending a helping hand.

"We will fight, we will fight, we will fight to keep our properties and neighbors safe," Visico said.

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