Police: Irondequoit man sexually abused brothers, 6 and 8

Police in Irondequoit arrested Jeffey Anderson after he allegedly sexually abused two boys while he was babysitting them. (Photo: Irondequoit PD)

Irondequoit, N.Y. (WHAM) - Police in Irondequoit arrested a man who they say sexually abused two boys while he was babysitting them.

Officers said 35-year-old Jeffrey Anderson was a family friend who watched the two boys at his home.

At the time of the abuse, police say the boys were six and eight years old.

Anderson is charged with first-degree course of sexual conduct against a child and second-degree course of sexual conduct against a child.

Police are investigating if there are any other victims connected to where Anderson has been. They say their investigation into Anderson started late last year after they received reports of alleged sexual abuse toward the two alleged victims.

"To think, you turn them over to a babysitter or someone who is supposed to be taking care of these kids, and they are brutally victimized," said Captain Mark Bean of the Irondequoit Police Department.

Police say the alleged abuse may have occurred over several months, even up to a year.

At this point, no other alleged victims have come forward.

"We are just concerned if he's had opportunities with other younger kids, that this may have happened, this is why we are asking for the public's help," said Bean.

Anderson's former pastor at God's Healing Temple in Rochester says he played the drums for the church. He was never on their staff and never worked with children or went on retreats with them.

Police say, after being indicted by the grand jury, Anderson was arraigned and made bail shortly thereafter. 13WHAM reached out to his family, who says this comes as a shock to them. They declined to be interviewed on-camera.

Anyone who may have additional information about Anderson or this case is asked to call 911.

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