RGH marks 10,000th robotic surgery

Rochester General Hospital's robotic surgery program has completed its 10,000th surgery. (Photo: RGH)

Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) - Rochester General Hospital is marking a milestone achievement.

The hospital's robotic surgery program has completed its 10,000th surgery.

That marker sets the program in the top two percent in the nation for patient volume.

Back in 2006, Harold Reuter underwent robotically-assisted surgery for prostate cancer at Rochester General Hospital.

"I was out of work for one week," Reuter said. "The surgery was done on a Friday and the following Monday I was back at work."

Dr. John Valvo, director of robotic surgery at RGH, said the approach has shifted the way the hospital practices medicine.

"This approach has allowed most individuals to get back into their lives very very quickly with very very little morbidity," Dr. Valvo said.

The robotic system, he added, has improved some of the surgeries performed at the hospital.

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