Community and students reeling after 4 students hurt in school shooting

A child is comforted Monday, Feb. 29, 2016, near Middletown, Ohio after a school shooting at Madison Local Schools. An Ohio sheriff says a 14-year-old suspect in a school shooting that wounded four classmates, including two who were shot, is in a juvenile lock-up and facing several charges. Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones says the boy has been charged with two counts of attempted murder, two counts of felonious assault, inducing panic and making terrorist threats. (Nick Graham/Dayton Daily News via AP)

MADISON TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKRC)- After Monday morning's shooting, stunned parents waited in long lines of traffic to get to the campus to collect their children.

The parents Local 12 News spoke with were absolutely distraught when they received the call Monday morning, Feb. 29, that there had been a shooting inside the Madison High School. They were relieved when they found out their children were safe and rushed to pick them up from the scene.

Pauletta Wilson, whose grandson attends the school, said, "My husband and I are Christians and we pray all the time. We pray over the kids, we pray over the teachers, the staff, the students and I just thank God that nothing worse than this; they're all alive and I thank God for that."

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Investigators with the Butler County Sheriff's office were still on scene Monday evening collecting evidence.

Monday started off like any other day at school. It was supposed to be a typical school day. Local 12 talked with a couple of students who heard the gunshots, one didn't hear the shots because he had his headphones in. It sounded like they remained calm and followed the drills that they had taken part in by locking themselves in rooms and closets. They were surprised when they found out that James Austin Hancock was the student accused in the shooting.

"I was just shocked, I didn't expect it to happen at a small school like ours. Everyone here is, like, friends and know each other real closely," said one student.

Another student told Local 12 News, "I'm really shocked because, like, you see this kid everyday in the halls and you wouldn't expect, just one day, just pull a gun out of his lunchbox and start lettin' rounds off."

Student A.J. Dwyer heard the gunshots, "I hear gunshots all the time because people hunt and I thought it was just that."

School officials remained incredibly calm during the emergency and helped the students to also remain calm.

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