Moore says of all attacks, sexual misconduct allegations hurt the most

Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. (WPMI)

THEODORE, Ala. (WPMI) - Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore spoke to a crowd at Magnolia Springs Baptist Church in Theodore Wednesday night.

"I feel my soul's being tried," Moore said.

Moore says the attacks against him have been false and malicious.

"They've attacked me for my judicial decisions, my property taxes, my salary at the foundation with moral law and sexual immorality now. The last one probably hurts more than all because I have five granddaughters. I have one daughter, one wife, one mother and two sisters, and it hurts them to see what I'm being charged with," Moore said.

Nine women have come forward accusing Moore of sexual inappropriateness. Moore questions the timing.

"It's odd that through five statewide campaigns and three county campaigns never once has it been brought up. It's odd that investigators have investigated me and not one word about sexual impropriety," he said.

He once again denied the claims, calling them dirty politics.

"Let me state once again I do not know any of these women. I did not date any of these women. I did not engage in any sexual misconduct with any woman. This is not only odd, it's simply dirty politics," Moore said.

Moore went on to say he doesn't wish what he's going through on anyone.

"If I would have known the lies, the deceit and the things I would face in this campaign, I would not have gotten into it probably," Moore said.

Moore says he believes liberals who don't want him in Washington are behind the attacks.

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