School bus driver saves up money to purchase Christmas gifts for every kid on his route

    <p>Curtis Jenkins. (Courtesy: Lake Highlands Elementary) <br>{/p}

    DALLAS, Texas (WSYX/WTTE) — A school bus driver saved up his own money this holiday season, to make sure his students had a very, Merry Christmas.

    Curtis Jenkins is a school bus driver for Lake Highlands Elementary in Dallas, Texas. This holiday season he asked every student on his bus what they wanted for Christmas, and then he purchased the gifts for them, KXAS reported. Then on the last day before their holiday break, Jenkins lined his school bus with gift-wrapped presents, and gave each student a gift.

    "We are just so thankful for his spirit, and his kindness and his generosity to the kids," said Jennifer Wilcox, the Lake Highlands Elementary School PTA president. "Thank you for being a wonderful example for all of us."

    Lake Highlands Elementary posted about the giving spree on their official Facebook page, saying:

    This is Curtis Jenkins, a bus driver for our school. He asked every kid on the bus what they wanted for Christmas and then BOUGHT IT FOR THEM! There was even a bike on that bus!!! This reminds us how much good there is in the world and how we should all strive to be a little more like Curtis.

    "I'm not at a job, I'm on a mission from God," Jenkins told KXAS. "I don't say anything about religion to the kids. I just let them know whatever they love is fine with me, just love somebody on the way."

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