A narrow, but still very plausible path to the playoffs for the Buffalo Bills

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There were many different ways the Buffalo Bills could have snuck into the playoffs.

None of those scenarios played out in week 16.

That doesn't mean the Bills have been eliminated from playoff contention. Far from it. But it does make Buffalo's path to the postseason significantly more narrow, and leaves the team with no wiggle room.

There are two ways in which Buffalo can end the 17-year playoff drought. Both involve beating the Dolphins in the week 17 finale.

Assuming that happens and the Bills finish at 9-7 they will be in with:

1 - a Ravens loss vs. the Bengals


2 - a Titans loss to the Jaguars AND a Chargers loss to the Raiders

That's it. There are no other games that matter, no other variables to consider. Either one of those two scenarios play out, and the Bills won't have to wait until next season to play meaningful football in 2018.

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