Hilton freshman sets national record, but family record might stick with her longer

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It's not that Elena Carr's personal bests were bad. It's just that they weren't the best ever.

Until Monday.

"At first they were lying to me, like 'oh you just broke a record'", the Hilton freshman said. "I thought they meant some small county record, or Section V."

Nope. It was a new national record.

Carr's 831 series is the best a high school girl has ever bowled in the United States.

"I told her you realize you just threw the national record for girls in the united states?" her brother Brad said. "She goes, you're lying to me. I pulled it up on my phone and showed her."

Brad, a junior on the Hilton bowling team himself, was there to catch and embrace his sister after that final roll, and tell her about the record she didn't know she was about to break.

"Her reaction to me was priceless," Brad said. "It was the first time in my life I've ever seen her with just this pure joy."

The one record I knew she had was the family record. Nobody in her family had ever bowled an 800 series before. Not even her brother, who rolled a perfect 300 of his own in September.

"He was the first person to really come up and hug me," Elena said. "When he got his first...I ended up jumping into his arms, I was the first person to give him a hug."

"When we're out there competing against each other, even when we're competing with each other, there is always that little family rivalry that we wanna beat each other," Brad said. "And I love that."

As for which record means the most?

"Honestly, the bragging rights in my family," Elena said. "The national record is like, yeah, I did that. But that's gonna get broken eventually I think. But, to say that I'm the first person child-wise in my family that got an 800, that's never gonna go away."

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