Ravens fail to help Bills, beat Colts 23-16

Bills lose to steelers 27-20

The Bills path to the playoffs has the potential to be very complicated, but it also had the potential to be extremely simple.

Baltimore kept it complicated, for now.

The Ravens held off a late surge by the Indianapolis Colts, inching closer to a playoff berth themselves in the process, 23-16.

If Baltimore beats the Cincinnati Bengals in their week 17 finale, they will be in no matter what else happens.

The Bills have a few different paths to the playoffs, but the simplest of all involves Baltimore losing a game. If that happens, and the Bills finish 9-7, they would almost surely be in.

Baltimore's win dropped the Bills to seventh in the conference, but Buffalo is still tied with Tennessee at 8-6. The Bills play the Patriots in Foxboro Sunday, while the Titans host the L.A. Rams.

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